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Viewster Add a host of Aniplex shows!


Streaming service Viewster have announced the addition of more Aniplex shows to their anime line-up! The service have today added the following shows:

  • Oreimo seasons 1 and 2
  • Servant X Service
  • Silver Spoon season 1
  • Blast of Tempest

Servant X Service, Blast of Tempest and Silver Spoon can all be found and streamed on Crunchyroll in the UK. However, this is the first time we’ve had access legally to the first season of Oreimo as Crunchyroll only have the rights to the second season of the show here.

All of the shows mentioned above and a good deal more can be found on Viewster right here

Oreimo Season 2 – Anime review


At this point in time most people know of Oreimo. When the series’ first season aired back in late 2010 many anime fans fell in love with the settings and characters. I mean, hey, at that point in time the series was all about Kyosuke and Kirino bonding and the crazy stuff Kyosuke found himself involved in due to Kirino’s love for anime and little sister eroge. Fast-forward to April of 2013 and Oreimo returns to our screens for a second season, with full intentions of finishing the story off once and for all. The question is, does the second season hold the same amount of charm and brilliant comedy as the first?

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