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Hello and welcome to East Asian Curiosities!

My name is Demelza Ward and I’m a writer for UK based anime site, Anime UK News. Most of my professional work can be found there, but East Asian Curiosities is my personal blog. A place to ramble about anything that catches my eye to do with east asian media. Needless to say, the opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer past, present or future.

I’m a big fan of light novels, manga, anime and Japanese video games, so those are what you’ll find me writing about here. I don’t use this blog as much as I used to back in 2014, when I created it, but this year (2019) I’ve decided to give it a bit more love. There are a lot of random topics I want to talk about which don’t quite fit on Anime UK News or in fact anywhere else, so this seems like a good platform for them. I’m also in the process of learning Japanese, so maybe one day I’ll talk about the books I read in Japanese. If I ever get to that point…

If you want to get in touch with me or find more of my ramblings then you can find me on Twitter @Reporterdem. I promise not all my light novel opinions are bad ones. Just a few. I promise.

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