About East Asian Curiosities

East Asian Curiosities had a rather simple beginning. I’ve always had a taste for watching the latest anime and reading the latest manga. I’ve always had a great taste for writing as well which I do a lot of as a journalist for a few small websites. However, my journalism so far has only given me the chance to ramble about video games and Pokémon, thus I decided it was time to give myself an outlet for anime and manga related rambles as well! The name came about purely because I am an endlessly curious person, but especially so when it comes to a topic I really enjoy. For example, with anime I like to know everything about a series from the studio, composer, directer right down to what the original source was and how well that was regarded. Curiosities felt like a fitting name, but not quite right for the site without something else to go alongside it. Hence the name ‘East Asian Curiosities’.

Therefore, with Curiosities I aim to give myself a place to share my rambles and opinions with the world and other fans of the shows, books, and stories I review and generally find myself writing about. 🙂

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