Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sunday Without God – Anime review


Sunday Without God ended up being one of the pretty hyped anime of the season, despite the poorly translated name. Set in a world where death is no more, and with many mysteries to unearth, just how interesting was this show?

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Silver Spoon Season 1 – Anime review


The summer anime season might have been filled with a number of highly anticipated anime, but maybe none more so than Silver Spoon. The manga series is another hit series by Hiromu Arakawa, best known for Fullmetal Alchemist, but with that in mind can the anime do it justice?

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Dogs & Scissors – Anime review


Dogs & Scissors is likely the series I’m going to struggle writing about the most this season. It’s quite a simple story and idea at heart, but the series spends so much of its time being utterly insane that it’s very hard not to lose track of what its original goal was. Nevertheless I’ve gone through the crazy and attempted to pull my thoughts together about it.

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