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Why I Forever Search for the “Wow” Moments in Manga

Okay first off it has been forever since I’ve posted on Curiosities. All of my work goes on Anime UK News now, so I guess I lost the need to write posts here because anything relevant usually fits there. This time I have something a little bit more personal to write though and something I want the ability to look back on for myself.

Without realising it myself, I’ve always been a bookworm. I love games and anime a great deal, but if I step back and look at my hobbies it’s safe to say that the majority of my time is spent reading. I read a lot of on-going manga series, 102 at the current count, and I sometimes get into a rut and wonder to myself why I do this. Why I follow so many; what I’m looking for; what I’m searching for. The answer came to me today unexpectedly.

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Reading Log: August 2022

This month has continued to be busy at work, but despite that, some silly part of me agreed to a bet with a friend where I need to read 3 light novels from the backlog a month (not including my review materials) and somehow get my backlog overall down to 70. We’ll see where that stupid decision gets me! Let’s take a look at what I got read in August~

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Reading Log: March 2022

We made it through March! I quite like this month because the weather is improving (we’ll ignore the snow yesterday) and it’s my birth month, so I get spoiled by my family and friends. Which I suppose doesn’t help the backlog unless I’ve been reading things away… Let’s find out how I did!

Bold = completed series
Italic = dropped
No volume number = one shot

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