30 Day Manga Challenge: Start!


A friend of mine, Mocorochi, is taking part in the 30 day anime challenge over at his blog. In light of this I figured I’d take the same challenge only in light of needing a few more manga articles up on here I figured I’d do a 30 day manga challenge and follow it up with a 30 day anime challenge afterwards!

The 30 day manga challenge is gonna go like this:

Day 1 – Very First Manga You Read
Day 2 – Favourite Manga You’ve Read So Far
Day 3 – Favourite Male Manga Character Ever
Day 4 – Favourite Female Manga Character Ever
Day 5 – Manga You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed
Day 6 – Manga You Want to Read But Haven’t Yet
Day 7 – Your Manga Crush
Day 8 – Favourite Manga Couple
Day 9 – Best Manga Villain
Day 10 – Favourite Fighter Manga
Day 11 – Favourite Mech Manga
Day 12 – Favourite Manga Scene
Day 13 – Manga Character You Are Most Similar To
Day 14 – Manga that Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Reread It
Day 15 – Favourite Animal Sidekick, Pet, or Summoning From Any Manga
Day 16 – Manga With the Best Artwork
Day 17 – Favourite Supporting Male Manga Character
Day 18 – Favourite Supporting Female Character
Day 19 – Most Epic Scene Ever
Day 20 – Manga Character that Gets on Your Nerves
Day 21 – Favourite Goofy Manga Character
Day 22 – Favourite Weapon, Gear, or Armour Used in an Manga
Day 23 – Favourite Attack Someone Used in an Manga
Day 24 – Moment that Shocked You the Most in Any Manga
Day 25 – Saddest Manga Death
Day 26 – Best Manga Fight
Day 27 – Most Bad–ass Scene From Any Manga Character
Day 28 – Favourite Quote From Any Manga Character
Day 29 – A Manga You Wished was Real
Day 30 – An Manga You Wished Never Ended and Continued On

Hopefully I can stick to a post a day and give you an interesting insight to my tastes in manga! Considering I posted a review of Space Dandy today I’ll be kicking this off tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “30 Day Manga Challenge: Start!

  1. MochiRochi

    What a great idea! I was thinking of what to do once the anime challenge is over. I was thinking of doing a drama version, but a manga one would work as well. I’ll be looking forward to your posts. Hopefully I’ll find some new mangas to read from this. 🙂

    1. Demelza Ward Post author

      Drama one sounds fun! I might do that after manga and anime, not sure. Honestly speaking I enjoy manga and anime about evenly so it was tough deciding which challenge to do first, I finally realised that I need more manga articles and needa do that first. xD

      I hope you find some new manga to enjoy from the posts! 🙂

  2. Linkachu

    This sounds really fun! I’m very interested (if not excited) to see what sort of answers you come up with for some of these questions, particularly days 5, 7, 12, 16, 19, 24, 27, 28 and 29. If you keep up with this challenge on a daily basis then I’ll be sure to read each entry with the same frequency. Good luck! 🙂


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