30 Day Manga Challenge: Day 6 – Manga You Want to Read But Haven’t Yet

This 30 day challenge is certainly interesting for throwing me from questions that I have very few answers for to questions I have endless answers for. Today is one of the latter questions as ‘manga you want to read but haven’t yet’ could be an endless list but I’m limiting myself to five or ten depending on how things… So in no real order:

The Garden of Words Manga

With my first choice I’m cheating a bit as a copy is already on order for next week but nevertheless I can’t wait to read the manga adaption of Garden of Words. Like 5CM Per Second I love the film and the style of artwork. For me I’m hoping the manga adds a little more depth to the characters but even if it doesn’t I know I’ll probably fall in love with this story all over again.


Next up has to be Negima!. I’ve been reading UQ Holder! since it began on Crunchyroll’s manga service and after researching the series for review I realised it has loose ties with Negima!. With the same sort of style and artwork as UQ Holder! I have little doubt that I’d likely really enjoy it, my problem is finding the time to pick up another long series even if it’s completed.

Coppelion Manga

Coppelion is an interesting series for me. I picked up the anime when it began but dropped it pretty quickly due to not really being a fan of the art style (and a crappy streaming service), but I did like the basic idea of the story and have been keen to pick the manga up, especially as Crunchyroll offer it through their service. The problem is the series is 200 + chapters long and still going strong. That’s going to take me a good while to get through so I keep putting it off until I have more time. One day though, one day…


Blast of Tempest is a series I already know the story for. I watched the anime and loved it to bits but I think even while watching it I knew I’d likely find the source a bit more enjoyable than the anime purely because it had more time to explain things. It’s mostly just a case of waiting until I forget enough of the story to read the manga.


Again, The Flowers of Evil is a series I watched the anime of originally. It ended up being a series that ended off quite openly and after flicking through a couple of volumes of the series I’ve been eager to pick it up – I just again haven’t found the time yet. I’m hoping the series doesn’t let me down when I do pick it up though, I want the same level of suspense as we had in the anime.

I’ve managed to keep this down to five manga, but I’m also keen to read Blue Spring Ride, Tokyo Ghoul, Your Lie in April, and Kids on the Slope in manga form… So much manga and nowhere near enough time to read it all!

2 thoughts on “30 Day Manga Challenge: Day 6 – Manga You Want to Read But Haven’t Yet

  1. MochiRochi

    I’ve only read Flowers of Evil from that list. There will be times when you hate everyone, which is fine, but the ending is….I won’t say :p

    If you do get a chance to read it, let me know what you think.

  2. Linkachu

    It only occurred to me now that, with the exception of Negima!, you’ve already watched all of these choices in Anime form (some moreso than others). It makes me curious if these picks sprang to mind for that reason, due to already having a frame of reference regarding their quality/plots/etc., or if you’re simply most interested to read them over others in general.

    On a different note, as Negima! is the only title from that list that I’ve actually read (not to mention the longest manga that I’ve ever stuck with to date) I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts on it if you ever did read it. I’m planning to pick the series back up someday, too. Just a question of when. 😡

    As for me, with such a small list of manga that I’ve actually read, there are a number of titles that I’m interested in. Names that currently top my list include: Blue Exorcist, because I loved the Anime, its characters, and the world it takes place in; World Trigger, for its interesting concepts and to actually read the source material after the Anime’s lackluster adaption xp; Dusk Maiden of Amnesia because, after watching the Anime, I would love to revisit that world and see the story fleshed out a bit more; and Wolf Children, due to your high praise of the manga. I’m also quite interested in checking out From Me to You and Silver Spoon because I enjoyed both of their Anime series and would love to know where their stories go from there.

    If it counts (I’ve read a bit of the original Fairy Tail manga) I’m also heavily interested in reading Fairy Tail Zero (possibly moreso than anything listed above). Being a spin-off that centers around one of the most mysterious characters in the Fairy Tail series, whom I’ve always been eager to learn more about, Fairy Tail Zero sounds right up my alley.


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