30 Day Manga Challenge: Day 11 – Favourite Mech Manga

Yeah so, I missed posting an entry yesterday but in my defence I was at a StreetPass meet all day and didn’t get home until fairly late. Normal daily service should resume for the foreseeable future now! For today’s challenge I have to pick my favourite mech manga. Problem is I don’t actually have one…

The problem is the mech genre has never been a genre I’m all that interested in. I’ve watched a few anime series that fall into it but I’ve never went hunting for any manga related to the genre or the anime I’d watched from it. Giant fighting robots just don’t interest me. I’m into manga for the character interactions and more fantasy settings like Naruto and Fairy Tail. 

I don’t dislike mech manga I’ve just never truly stumbled across anything that interest me. I need to read more of it and seek out what’s actually good to get me a bit more interested in it. I feel a bit sad that this is the only question of this whole challenge that I can’t answer (I think), but I guess it is what it is. Hopefully onwards to more thoughtful and interesting challenges/answers.

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