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30 Day Manga Challenge: Day 3 – Favourite Male Manga Character Ever

Third day of the 30 day manga challenge and I’ve been left with a fairly tricky question. The challenge for today is to decide on my favourite male manga character ever. Why do I have to have so many tricky questions so many days in a row?!

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What makes an anime soundtrack great? – Anime feature


Yesterday I posted up a review of No Game, No Life and upon reading the review a close friend of mine asked why I gave it so low a score for its soundtrack. Overall this led us to discussing anime soundtracks and what makes them stand out to each of us. So, figuring this would make a decent topic to talk about I decided to write a short ramble on the subject.

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Hyouka – Anime review


I’ve recently been watching this series through with a very close friend of mine, and while I posted the review up on Anime Plant after watching the series the first time around, I thought it might be fun to share it here too. A lot of what I thought about the series still stands.

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