Reading Log: May 2024

Already time for the May reading log. The more the months go by the more I don’t see the backlog ever going down, so I’ve somewhat stopped worrying about it. My Anime-Planet did pass 1,000 manga / LNs marked ‘reading’ so now I’m trying to put my efforts into finishing stuff off and getting that down. It’s fairly motivating to watch until it goes up several times more when new serialisations start. Anyway here’s what I’ve been reading:

Bold = completed series
Italic = dropped


  1. Butareba: The Story of a Man Turned Into a Pig Volume 2
  2. Oblivion Battery volume 1 (JP)
  3. A Brief Moment of Ichika volume 1
  4. Something’s Wrong with Us volume 15
  5. Something’s Wrong with Us volume 16
  6. Oblivion Battery volume 2 (JP)
  7. Accidentally in Love: The Witch, The Knight and the Love Potion Slipup (DRE Comics)
  8. The Troubles of Miss Nicola the Exorcist (DRE Comics)
  9. God Bless the Mistaken volume 1 – review
  10. Bless volume 1
  11. 地獄のアシタ (Afternoon)
  12. Drifting Net Café volume 5
  13. Duchess in the Attic volume 2
  14. My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer volume 4
  15. 見捨てられた生贄令嬢は専用スキル「お取り寄せ」で邪竜を餌付けする (B-Log Comic)
  16. Usotoki Rhetoric volume 5
  17. A Condition Called Love volume 5
  18. A Side Character’s Love Story volume 18
  19. Oblivion Battery volume 3 (JP)
  20. My Androgynous Boyfriend volume 4
  21. Infinite Dendrogram volume 12
  22. The Eternal Fool’s Words of Wisdom: A Pawsitively Fantastic Adventure volume 1
  23. I Cannot Reach You Official Comic Anthology (JP)
  24. I’m a Noble on the Brink of Ruin, So I Might As Well Try Mastering Magic! volume 1
  25. 泣くは花模様 (Ihr Hertz)
  26. 10年分の愛撫(好き)でぐずぐずセックス 幼なじみの溺愛が甘すぎる
  27. Fifteen Minutes Before We Really Date volume 2
  28. Hi, I’m a Witch, and My Crush Wants Me to Make a Love Potion volume 3
  29. Unnamed Memory volume 4
  30. 23:45 re;
  31. Tista volume 1
  32. A Condition Called Love volume 6
  33. A Condition Called Love volume 7
  34. 100年の恋もさめなくて (Hana to Yume)
  35. 前世で殺した相手の担当編集になりました (Pixiv)
  36. 本能レベルで愛してる (Noicomi)
  37. A Couple of Cuckoos volume 14
  38. A Galaxy Next Door volume 6 – review
  39. A Livid Lady’s Guide to Getting Even: How I Crushed My Homeland with My Mighty Grimoires volume 2
  40. A Couple of Cuckoos volume 15
  41. Mr. Villain’s Day Off volume 3
  42. いえない恋はキス色 (Bessatsu Friend)
  43. A Couple of Cuckoos volume 16
  44. I Got Reincarnated in a (BL) World of Big (Man) Boobs volume 1 (omnibus)
  45. Cooking with Wild Game volume 9
  46. Rebuild World volume 8
  47. Goodbye, Overtime! This Reincarnated Villainess is Living for Her Big Brother volume 1
  48. おかえりは恋心を込めて (Hana to Yume)
  49. Witch Enforcer (Manga Plus)
  50. The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today! volume 1 (JP)
  51. She Likes Gays, But Not Me volume 1
  52. In the Name of the Mermaid Princess volume 2
  53. Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire volume 4
  54. Full Clearing Another World Under a Goddess with Zero Believers volume 6
  55. Otome Heroine’s Fight for Survival volume 2
  56. She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat volume 4
  57. Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chroincles volume 10


  1. カグライ ~神楽と雷人~ (Weekly Shounen Sunday)
  2. 魔女と結婚なんてするもんじゃない!(good! Afternoon)
  3. カミサマの御膳です (Weekly Shounen Magazine)
  4. 不死身ラヴァーズ (2024) (Bessatsu Shounen Magazine)
  5. タラシくんとナルシちゃん (Hana to Yume)
  6. ゆめのつづきを (Shounen Ace)
  7. ウラオモテ・ラジオガール (Hana to Yume)
  8. 白銀くんは耳で暴かれる (Hana to Yume)
  9. 鏡の騎士 (Hana to Yume)
  10. ハートノイド (Hana to Yume)
  11. お兄様の魔力が強すぎる!(Hana to Yume)
  12. 下校時刻のチャイムまでは (Hana to Yume)
  13. 「その先」教えて、春人くん! (Bessatsu Friend)
  14. 死ねない薬師と運命の猫 (Hana to Yume)
  15. 校長の話が長い (Hana to Yume)
  16. SeaWitch (Weekly Shounen Magazine)
  17. アウトサイダー・イン・ザ・旧校舎 (Hana to Yume)
  18. 遭難日和 (iHertz)
  19. アイロン (Feel Young)
  20. ヘラリュード (Young Animal Zero)
  21. 神原くんのおとしもの (Hana to Yume)
  22. 不器用なキョリの縮め方 (iHertz)
  23. こんこんとんとん
  24. 恋のタイパは謀れない! (Dessert)

Light Novels: 201

  1. Black Summoner volume 17
  2. Cooking with Wild Game volume 24
  3. Goodbye, Overtime! This Reincarnated Villainess is Living for Her Big Brother volume 1
  4. The Invincible Summoner Who Crawled up from Level 1 volume 1
  5. You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! volume 6
  6. Finding Avalon: The Quest of a Chaosbringer volume 3
  7. Agents of the Four Seasons volume 1 – review
  8. The Brilliant Healer’s New Life in the Shadows volume 3
  9. Convenience Store Woman (novel)
  10. You Call That Service? volume 7 – review
  11. After-School Dungeon Diver: Level Grinding in Another World volume 2
  12. D-Genesis: Three Years After the Dungeon Appeared volume 6
  13. An Introvert’s Hookup Hiccups: This Gyaru is Head Over Heels for Me! volume 7
  14. Heavenly Swords of the Twin Stars volume 2
  15. Earl and Fairy volume 6

As you can probably tell, this month I’ve been grinding away my Hana to Yume backlog quite a bit… Not as many light novels as I’d hoped to finish, mostly ’cause I got really busy the last week or so and have a few on the verge of finishing but just not got there. Stats are 57 manga up from 53 last month, 23 one-shots up from 13 and 15 light novels down from 20. Still damn good though and even light novels are joint lowest with March, which again busy month! The backlog is up from 541 to 572. A lost cause. Here’s to another month of happy reading~

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