Tales of Wedding Rings Chapters 1-10 – Manga Review

Tales of Wedding Rings

It has to be said that I am a massive fan of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and it quickly became one of my favourite stories, so when Crunchyroll announced that they had the the latest work from author Maybe I was definitely excited. Tales of Wedding Rings might only be 10 chapters in but already I can see some brilliance shining through in ways that only Maybe seems to be able to capture.

Our story is based around high school kids Sato and Hime who are just about to break for the Summer. The two are childhood friends and it’s clear Sato has feelings for Hime, so when she suddenly announces she’s leaving one evening Sato chases after her – into a whole other world. Once there he discovers that Hime returned home in order to marry in order to save her world, but in a sudden twist Hime decides to marry Sato rather than the prince stood before her and thus our tale begins.

The idea behind the story is that Sato has now become the ring king and he must travel around this world marrying more princesses and obtaining their rings to gain more power to defeat the evil rampaging throughout this land. Of course Sato only has feelings for Hime and Hime is definitely torn between letting Sato do what he must and wanting to keep him all for herself, it’s an interesting tale indeed.

Maybe has given us another interesting character in the form of Sato. He’s loyal to Hime and any of this marrying business is nothing more than doing his job, it’s for show rather than him having a ring of girls around him to do his every whim. So far we have Hime and we’ve been introduced to one other princess who has joined the cast and while she’s quite sweet and definitely deeply in love with Sato there are fair reasons for her feelings due to her upbringing. Sato isn’t quite ready for being the Ring King and fight the big bad overload, but with Hime by his side he definitely wants to give it his all anyway and save this world for the one he loves. Sato reminds me a lot of Teiichi Niiya from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia who would have done pretty much anything for Yuko Kanoe near the middle of the story, but Sato is also different enough not to feel like a clone of him.

Overall Maybe has managed to create yet another excellently woven story with characters already well developed even just 10 chapters in. It could be argued that because the story is so focused on character development that the world Tales of Wedding Rings is set in isn’t as well developed, but overall I think the setting is coming along nicely. The series appears to be a monthly series (Crunchyroll published the whole backlog at once so it’s hard to tell, but given the length of the chapters it’s more than likely monthly), thus we are treated to longer chapters which definitely helps with getting world building done earlier in the series vs taking a long time to do so over a span of many, many chapters. Having a monthly series also means that Maybe can put a lot of time and effort into the art, which really shows. Battle scenes are especially well done which can come off as a bit of a surprise if you’ve previously read Dusk Maiden of Amnesia which didn’t really have anything in the way of battles. Character designs have also been handled really nicely and while the girls are perhaps just a little bit too pretty at times, everything fits the theme of the story okay anyway.

What Maybe has given us here is a really fun fantasy story, especially considering it’s her first real shot at a story like this. Ten chapters in Tales of Wedding Rings certainly has my attention and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story takes us in the chapters to come. Now someone just needs to go license Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and I’ll be really happy…

Score: 7.5/10

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