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Valvrave The Liberator – Anime review


It’s no secret to anyone who knows anything about the anime business that Sunrise are a huge name when it comes to Mecha series and their latest offering, Valvrave the Liberator, was another big hit for the studio. With a distinct Code Geass feel to the relationship between our two lead characters, and a more than intriguing story and feel to the series, Valvrave was the type of series we’d been waiting to see since Code Geass ended.

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Attack on Titan – Anime review



Over the past couple of seasons it has been hard to go anywhere without hearing the name Attack on Titan. The show has gained a huge fanbase very, very quickly for a number of different reasons which are quite evident upon watching the show. So, does Attack on Titan really live up to all the hype that surrounds it?

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Sunday Without God – Anime review


Sunday Without God ended up being one of the pretty hyped anime of the season, despite the poorly translated name. Set in a world where death is no more, and with many mysteries to unearth, just how interesting was this show?

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Wolf Children – Anime review


Wolf Children, one of the most talked about animated movies last year, and for good reason. With Mamoru Hosoda leading it, the movie was probably headed for big things, however maybe none of us were really ready for just how perfect Wolf Children would turn out.

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