Reading Log: June 2023

Six months through the year, the backlog continues to tower but it was a quieter month for new arrivals so I’ve been playing catchup with my reading while playing more Zelda and Final Fantasy 16.

Bold = completed series
Italic = dropped


  1. Fuck Buddy for the Bottom Boy
  2. Lady Rose Just Wants to be a Commoner! volume 3
  3. I Fell for a Fujoshi volume 2
  4. Pokémon Journeys volume 4
  5. Dark Gathering volume 1
  6. Hyouka volume 10 (JP)
  7. Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction volume 12
  8. Horimiya volume 15
  9. In/Spectre volume 17
  10. Wistoria: Wand and Sword volume 3 – review
  11. Doll-kara volume 5
  12. Black Summoner volume 12
  13. In the Clear Moonlit Dusk volume 3 – review
  14. Isekai Tensei: Recruited to Another World volume 4
  15. Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple volume 3
  16. Cry of Despair volume 1
  17. Rental Tama-chan (JP, IHR Hertz)
  18. Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster volume 3
  19. One Room of Happiness volume 11
  20. Super HxEros volume 10
  21. JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World volume 5
  22. Queen’s Quality volume 17
  23. Life Plan of the End
  24. Kare to Watashi no Koiwasurai (JP, Betsufure Next)
  25. Blue Sky Complex volume 8
  26. Derail 
  27. Tama ni wa Sunao ni Naritakute (JP, Betsufure Next)
  28. Wolf Girl and Black Prince volume 1
  29. Tsubame’s Happiness volume 1
  30. The Other World’s Books Depend on the Bean Counter volume 3
  31. Housekeeping Mage from Another World: Making Your Adventures Feel Like Home volume 5
  32. My Special One volume 2
  33. Tadashi Koi ni Kagiru (JP, Hana to Yume)
  34. I Love You de Moyashite  Misete (JP, Hana to Yume)
  35. Even Though We’re Adults volume 6
  36. Koigakubo-kun Stole My First Time volume 4
  37. Love, That’s an Understatement volume 1
  38. A Side Character’s Love Story volume 15
  39. Rebuild World volume 4
  40. A Cave King’s Road to Paradise volume 2
  41. Full Clearing Another World Under a Goddess with Zero Believers volume 5
  42. How to Grill our Love volume 1
  43. Kan and YujiL The Unbelievable Love Story of a Salaryman with a Brother Complex volume 3
  44. Ikigami and Donor volume 1
  45. Skip and Loafer volume 7
  46. Small Nozomi and Big Yume volume 1
  47. Horimiya volume 16
  48. Yakuza Fiancé: Raise wa Tanin ga Ii volume 3
  49. Sasaki and Miyano volume 8
  50. Brat Tamer / King (JP, Ihertz)
  51. Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest volume 11 – review
  52. Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest volume 12
  53. March Comes in Like a Lion volume 1
  54. A Couple of Cuckoos volume 11
  55. Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill: Sui’s Great Adventure volume 4
  56. The Dog and Waning Moon volume 3
  57. The Skull Dragon’s Precious Daughter volume 3
  58. Last Gender: When We Are Nameless volume 3


  1. Ane no Inu (Weekly Shounen Magazine)
  2. Hoshi-tachi no Tsudou Tokoro (Good! Afternoon)
  3. Watashi Dake no Hayato-senpai (Betsufure Next)
  4. Boku no Kanojo wa Tsuyosugiru (Betsufure Next)
  5. Ame ga Yandara (Betsufure Next)
  6. Mahou Shoujo Inkya (Hane to Yume)
  7. The Night Watchmen
  8. Iki mo Dekinaku Naru Kurai (Dessert)
  9. Kadan no Fujita-kun (Dessert)
  10. Watashi no Suki na Basho (Dessert)
  11. Usotsuki Halftime (Dessert Blue)
  12. Kimi wo Majime ni Oshitemasu (Dessert Blue)
  13. Furarette Suki ya Mon (Dessert Blue)
  14. Koi Kara wa Hajimeru Koi (Ihertz)

Light Novels:

  1. My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex! volume 7
  2. Full Clearing Another World Under a Goddess with Zero Believers volume 8
  3. My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I Expected volume 11
  4. Am I Actually the Strongest? volume 1 – review
  5. An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride volume 16
  6. Magic Knight’s Of the Old Ways volume 5
  7. The Misfit of Demon King Academy volume 5 (Vol 4 Part 2)
  8. The Holy Grail of Eris volume 2 – review
  9. Black Summoner volume 13
  10. The Unwanted, Undead Adventurer volume 11
  11. I Only Have Six Months to Live, So I’m Gonna Break the Curse With Light Magic or Die Trying volume 2
  12. Earl and Fairy volume 2
  13. The Apothecary Witch Turned Divorce Agent volume 2
  14. Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster volume 2
  15. Seventh volume 4
  16. A Cave King’s Road to Paradise: Climbing to the Top With My Almighty Mining Skills! volume 2
  17. Endo and Kobayashi Live: The Latest on Tsundere Lieslotte: Disc EX
  18. The Invincible Little Lady volume 3
  19. Sabikui Bisco volume 3 – review
  20. A Royal Rebound: Forget My Ex-Fiancé, I’m Being Pampered by the Prince! volume 2
  21. Ascendance of a Bookworm volume 26
  22. Hell mode: The Hardcore Gamer Dominates in Another World with Garbage Balancing volume 6
  23. The Mythical Hero’s Otherworld Chronicles volume 4
  24. You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! volume 1
  25. Taking My Reincarnation One Step at a Time: No One Told Me There Would Be Monsters! volume 1

So I end the month with 58 manga read (up from 56), 25 light novels (up from 16) and 14 one shots (down from 16). Not a bad showing at all. However, the backlog grew from 201 to 216 so still work to be done there… July looks like a light month for new arrivals, but it is coupled with the start of the busy season at work so we’ll see what kind of doom that spells for me…

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