Reading Log: July 2023

Getting into the busy season at work now, which means a lot less reading time but a lot more money to sink into buying books… Let’s see what July looked like!

Bold = completed series
Italic = dropped


  1. Mashle (WSJ)
  2. Kono Yuusha, Moto Maou ni Tsuki (JP, Shounen Gangan)
  3. The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! volume 5 – review
  4. Wistoria: Wand and Sword volume 4 – review
  5. I’m Capped at Level 1?! Thus Begins My Journey to Become the World’s Strongest Badass volume 2
  6. Bloom Brothers volume 1
  7. Snow White with the Red Hair volume 22
  8. The Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess volume 7
  9. Snow White with the Red Hair volume 23
  10. Monster and Parent volume 1
  11. The Incubus’s Feast 
  12. The Savior’s Book Café Story volume 5
  13. Love, That’s An Understatement volume 2
  14. In the Clear Moonlit Dusk volume 4
  15. The Splendid Work of a Monster Maid volume 5
  16. Hina to Bambi (JP, Bessatsu Shounen Magazine)
  17. My Wife is a Little Intimidating volume 1
  18. My Happy Marriage volume 3
  19. Tokyo Rinkaiten (JP, IHR Hertz)
  20. Cry of Despair volume 2
  21. The Sage of Lioncourt volume 5
  22. Stan for Salvation (Manga +)
  23. Thompson volume 1
  24. Medaka Kuroiwa is Impervious to My Charms volume 1 – review
  25. Unnamed Memory volume 3
  26. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Memoria Freese volume 1
  27. Ikigami and Donor volume 2
  28. Only I Know That This World is a Game volume 1
  29. The Ancient Magus’ Bride volume 17
  30. Having an idol-Loving Boyfriend is the Best! volume 3
  31. Peddler in Another World: I Can Go Back to My Old World Whenever I Want volume 2
  32. Boy’s Abss volume 2
  33. La Ragazza: Living with Krancesca volume 1
  34. Secrets of the Silent Witch volume 1
  35. Horimiya: A Piece of Memories volume 1
  36. An Extremely Haphazard and Weak-willed Kiss volume 1
  37. The Summer Hikaru Died volume 1
  38. The Hero and the Demon Lord’s One – Room of Love 
  39. Gushing Over magical Girls volume 7
  40. This Vampire Won’t Give Up! volume 5
  41. Cherry Boy Complex (JP)
  42. That’s My Atypical Girl volume 9
  43. Saint? No! I’m Just a Passing Beast Tamer volume 1
  44. Usotoki Rhetoric volume 3 (reread)
  45. Hinata-san, Hoshin Desu (JP, Weekly Shounen Magazine)


  1. Kiechau Toui-kun (Gfantasy)
  2. Mahou Shoujo (Kari!?!) (Gfantasy)
  3. Otonari-san Wa Etai ga Shirenai (Gfantasy)
  4. Meguro to Uso no Koi wo Suru (Hana to Yume)
  5. Osananajimi no Hayato-kun (IHR Hertz)
  6. Summer Loss Time (Betsufure Next)
  7. Inea Rose no Yubiwa (Monthly Action)
  8. Naruto: The Whorl Within the Spirial (Manga Plus, ENG)
  9. Miriam of the Skulls (Manga Plus ENG)
  10. Bookhead (Manga Plus ENG)
  11. Jikochuu ni Kuchizuke wo (Dessert)
  12. Amanojaku wo Koroshite (Dessert)
  13. Hokenshitsu de Aimashou (Dessert Pink)
  14. 23-ji no konbini de. (Dessert Pink)
  15. Hidiamari ni, Koi (Dessert Pink)
  16. Sotsugyou, Kikan Gentei (Dessert Pink)

Light Novel:

  1. My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1 Volume 1 – review
  2. Stuck in a Time Loop: When All Else Fails Be a Villainess Volume 1
  3. Peddler in Another World: I Can Go Back to My World Whenever I Want! volume 4
  4. Death’s Daughter and the Ebony Blade volume 5
  5. My Daughter Left the NEst and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer volume 9
  6. Dungeon Dive volume 4
  7. Dragon and Ceremony volume 1 – review
  8. Koi wa Ankoku volume 1 (JP)
  9. I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtness: I’ll Spoil Her With Delicalies and Style to Make Her the Happiest Woman in the World! volume 1
  10. The Ideal Sponger Life volume 13
  11. The Troubles of Miss Nicola the Exorcist
  12. The Greatest Magician’s Ultimate Quest: I Woke from a 300 Year Slumber to a World of Disappointment volume 1
  13. Cooking with Wild Game volume 22

So that’s 45 manga compared to 58, 13 light novels down from 25 and 16 one-shots up from 14. Not surprised that numbers are down overall since I do struggle to balance reading and work being so busy at this time of year. Hopefully, next month will go smoother. The backlog is also up from 216 to 240…

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