Reading Log: September 2023

It’s the first of October which can only mean one thing – It’s reading log time! With the busy season at work extending into a lot of September I suspect I won’t have read too much more than last month, but let’s find out.

Bold = completed series
Italic = dropped


  1. An Idiot and an Alpha’s Laboratory
  2. This Art Club Has a Problem! volume 1
  3. An Archdemon’s (Friend’s) Dilemma: How to Babysit a Crybaby Knight volume 1
  4. A Man and His Cat volume 8
  5. How Do We Relationship? volume 9
  6. Fabricant 100 (WSJ)
  7. Hell Mode: The Hardcore Gamer Dominates in Another World with Garbage Balancing volume 1
  8. Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 3 volume 2
  9. Uchuu no Ongaku (JP, Monthly Shounen Magazine)
  10. The Ancient Magus Bride volume 18
  11. Tenmaku Cinema (WSJ)
  12. Phantom of the Idol volume 3
  13. Medaka Kuroiwa is Impervius to My Charms volume 2 – review
  14. Rebuild World volume 5
  15. A Cave King’s Road to Paradise: Climbing to the Top with My Almighty Climbing Skill volume 3
  16. Mr. Bride volume 8
  17. The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! volume 6
  18. Wind Breaker volume 1 (ENG Reread) – review
  19. A Girl on the Shore (Hardback reread)
  20. Rent-A-Girlfriend volume 19
  21. Rent-A-Girlfriend volume 20
  22. Black Summoner volume 13
  23. Desire Detection
  24. Small Nozomi and Big Yume volume 2
  25. Hard to Say I Love You
  26. Yakuu-bu no Hino ni Koi wo Shita (JP, Bessatsu Friend)
  27. Overtime: Gamer Joishi wa Koi wo Shiranai (JP, Betsufure Next)
  28. Kitto, Hatsukoi Hiyori (JP, Betsufure Next)
  29. Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster volume 4
  30. Do Retry (WSJ)
  31. A Side Character’s Love Story volume 16
  32. It Takes Two Tomorrow, Too volume 1 – review
  33. Night Trap
  34. Ayakashi Triangle (Manga Plus)
  35. Ura mo Omote mo Kimi ga Suki (JP, Dessert Pink)
  36. Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest volume 13
  37. Honey Lemon Soda volume 3
  38. Sunbeams in the Sky volume 2
  39. Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included volume 3
  40. Semeta Sukitte Iwasette (JP, Dessert Pink)
  41. Hinekure Onodera-kun no Bykiyou na Koi (JP, Gush)
  42. Ore no Koigekoro ga Moteasobare eimasu (JP, Gush)
  43. The Do-Over Damsel Conqers the Dragon Emperor volume 1
  44. Peddler in Another WOrld: I Can Go Back to My World Whenever I Want volume 3
  45. Kimi no Hatsukoi ga Owari (JP, IHR HERTZ)
  46. Sweet Reincarnation volume 8
  47. The BL Editorial Department Dreams at Midnight volume 1
  48. Ichigo Can’t Stop Blushing
  49. I Don’t Get My Brother!


  1. Zansho to Kimi to (Betsufure Next)
  2. Shisen ga Majiwaru Sono Shukan (Betsufure Next)
  3. Kami-sama Nante!! (Betsufure Next)
  4. Maishuu Kayoubi, Okujou de (Betsufure Next)
  5. Taki-kun wa Zurui (Betsufure Next)
  6. Motokara Saikai (Dessert Pink)
  7. Otsukaresama no Sono Ato de (Dessert Pink)

Light Novels

  1. You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! volume 2
  2. My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex volume 8
  3. An Introvert’s Hookup Hiccups: This Gyaru is Head Over Heels for Me! volume 4
  4. The Detective is Already Dead volume 4 – review
  5. Infinite Dendrogram volume 20
  6. Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster volume 3
  7. Knight’s and Magic volume 1
  8. By the Grace of the Gods volume 13
  9. The Apothecary Diaries volume 9
  10. The Mythical Hero’s Otherworld Chronicles volume 5
  11. Accidentally in Love: The Witch, The Knight, and the Love Potion Slipup volume 2
  12. King’s Proposal volume 1 – review
  13. Death’s Daughter and the Ebony Blade volume 6
  14. Fiancée No More! The Forsaken Lady, The Prince, and Their Maker Believe Love volume 1
  15. In Another World with my Smartphone volume 28
  16. Tearmoon Empire volume 10

So I managed 49 manga up from 42, 16 light novels down from 20 and 7 one shots down from 10. Not bad given how busy life has been! Meanwhile, the backlog has increased from 261 to 349 due to a large influx of new books arriving from a friend. Hopefully that will come down a bit now work isn’t quite some crazy…

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